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Pelvic Floor Conditioning (Pfilates)

‘Stronger Mummies – Flatter Tummies’


As a certified pelvic floor specialist, I am on a mission to abolish Mummy Tummy, tone and re-condition the pelvic floor before and after baby.   Combo packages available, includes an initial Personal Assessment, and your individual program designed to be used before, during pregnancy and post partum to gently and effectively prepare, heal, retrain, regain your core strength and flatten your tummy. Scientifically designed.   To book your sessions, see below.


As part of my New Combo package, I am excited to announce the addition of a brand new revolutionary product, the AB Tank (after baby). This system has been created by “Bellies Inc.and will help get you the after-baby shape you want. This holistic system is designed using innovative technology to provide abdominal support post partum, the critical healing time for diastasis. The AB Tank and Wrap provide gentle support for your healing tissues encouraging the muscles to return to their ideal alignment, while rebuilding your core with my complete and comprehensive rehab program. If your delivery is not recent, you assessment will determine if the AB Tank is suitable for you. It may be helpful with really weak connective tissue or large diastasis. The AB Wrap is great for lifting the abdomen away from a C-section incision.

Fits under the bust for breast feeding while keeping the belly supported.  


   Sessions at the Birch Tree Family Wellness Centre 103-4841 Delta Street Ladner, BC V4K 2T9 Phone: 604-940-1981

Pelvic floor specialist Brenna Jacobson RFP, Certified Instructor Trainer Pfilates, Bellies Inc., Pre-Natal Yoga

Tel: 604-946-8785 or Cell 604-369-8785* This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. *



Brenna is a (C-IAYT) Certified Yoga Therapist under the International Association of Yoga Therapists, a Certified Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Specialist including Pfilates Therapy, Certified Pre-Post Part Consultant, Certified Trauma Sensitive Yoga Therapist, with other specialties, Meditation for Teens and Adults including I-Rest and Para Yoga Nidra and Mindful Meditation for Children and Teens, Restorative and Yin Yoga, and integrates Ayurveda Lifestyle life coaching. She has been teaching for more than 8 years in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley areas. She does home visits that include small groups and privates or teaches from her small studio.IAYT CertifiedYogaTherapist Large Logo
IAYT CertifiedYogaTherapist Large Logo

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