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Bi-Weekly Tip

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Bi-Weekly pelvic Floor Tip: Exercises for Improving Posture Muscles require strengthening for improved posture. Here is another exercise to add to your toolbox that will help to prove your posture during pregnancy. Remember to keep it simple and safe. Try This: Standing Row:  Stand in a lunge position with knees slightly bent. Loop your resistance band around a stationary object, such as a bar or a stair railing. Step back to take the slack out of the band, and grasp both handles one in each hand. Stand tall and lift the chest. Pull the handles back toward your waist, keeping…
Monday, 28 December 2015 08:59

Bi-Weekly Tip

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Bi-Weekly Pelvic Floor Tip : Exercises for Improving Posture Muscles require strengthening for improved posture. Here is an exercise to start with, that will help with improving your posture during pregnancy. Remember to keep it simple and safe. Try this: Shoulder Blade Wall correction: Stand with your back against the wall, with elbows bent to 90 degrees. Keeping the elbows bent, slowly raise them up the wall, then lower the elbows back down towards the waist. Try and keep the entire arm against the wall during the entire movement. You may want to add a count of 1-4 on the…
Saturday, 12 December 2015 18:51

Warmest wishes in the Holiday Season!

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Wishing you all the best during the Holiday Season!  Remember to be patient with yourself and your body.  Don't worry. Your body will respond to all of your efforts in restoring it back to it's normal state.  Stick with your program, and you will very soon be experiencing Vibrant Health!  
Saturday, 12 December 2015 18:19

Bi-weekly Tip

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Bi-Weekly Pelvic Floor Tip : Putting it all together with exercises. Now that you are comfortable with your natural posture and deep diaphragmatic breathing, you are ready to begin adding some exercises.   We will be using the deep or “Core Breath” while doing a Bridge exercise. Try this: Bridge: Lie on your back, knees bent with feet flat on the floor, arms along your sides. Take a big breath in deeply into the belly, your belly will rise. As you exhale you will feel your pelvic floor rise slightly. Keeping the pelvic floor muscles engaged, lift your pelvis off the…
Friday, 27 November 2015 16:51

Bi-weekly Tip

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Bi-Weekly Pelvic Floor Tip : Breathe deeply:   Whether you are a NEW MOM or a GRANDMOTHER, it’s never too late to restore the health of your pelvic system. Breathing deeply is a crucial function of achieving this. Unfortunately we have been taught to contract the belly, which in turn, creates shallow breathing in the chest. Try this: Practice relaxing or “softening” your belly. As you breathe, open the belly space and allow the breath to flow deeply down past the chest and ribs. You will feel your belly expand on the inhale breath and contract on the exhale. The…
Saturday, 14 November 2015 17:00

New Feature: Bi-weekly Tip

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Bi-Weekly Pelvic Floor Tip : Practice good posture: Whether you are a new mom or a grandmother, we all need awareness of our posture. Particularly when you are pregnant, the chin begins to jut out, the shoulders round forward, and the knees tend to lock. This can cause muscle tension and pain in the lower back, neck and knees. Try this: Every time you walk through a door, bend your elbows to 90 degrees, lay one on each side of the door frame at shoulder height, and lean into it. You will feel a wonderful stretch across your chest (pectoral…
Saturday, 10 October 2015 17:24

Walking, Running or Cycling with Prolapse or Incontinence

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Many clients who have been runners, joggers or cyclers in the past, and who are experiencing symptoms of prolapse or incontinence, are concerned if they have to give up what are sometimes passionate forms of exercise. The answer is no.  As long as you are using the correct posture (Whole Woman) posture, I actually encourage you to continue with these excellent forms of exercise.  As discussed in previous articles, by practising the correct posture, you will be repositioning the bladder and uterus forward and up toward the lower front abdominal wall, and gravity will be working for you when you…
You or someone you know, may be struggling with symptoms of urinary incontinence. Our urinary tracts work day and night to rid our bodies of toxins and store the urine. My system of rehabilitation consists of a non-surgical approach which has helped women in many different countries around the world. The symptoms we experience are our bodies telling us we need to make changes.  Detoxification and Repair go hand in hand.  The cortisol that is released in response to the presence of these toxins is damaging to our connective tissue and need to be flushed out. If we respond to…
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