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Integration, creating balance is foundational in Yogic Philosophy in order to achieve and maintain physical, mental and emotional systems.

After 10 years plus, Brenna continues teaching, (her passion bigger than ever), to empower her students and clients to take back control of their bodies and health outcomes, by making informed choices through knowledge, and having the appropriate tools  to help students to manage, and even thrive, through and past injury and illness, physical, mental or emotional.

logo-yogatherapy-internationalThrough the last 5 years, Brenna has earned her (C-IAYT) Yoga Therapist Certification under teacher Maggie Reagh of ‘Yoga Therapy International’, in Vancouver and Chennai India. The focus of Yoga Therapy are physical practice (asana), breathwork (pranayama), meditation (mind), and Trauma Sensitive Yoga Therapy, a style of therapy that requires several years of specialized training including counselling techniques taught by a MA Counsellor, to enable the Yoga Therapist to support those struggling with past or present trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, or extreme chronic pain.

Through integration of self-awareness, acceptance and acceptance of where you are at, the goal is for the client to reach new levels of physical healing and more vibrant health.

About-Integrative-Yoga-for-WellnessOther Teachers in the (C-IAYT) Certification:
Yoga Raksanam Chennai India - 200 Hour Yoga Therapy, D.V. Sridhar,  Viji Vasu, Rhada Sridhar
Nicole Marcia - Trauma Sensitive Yoga (over 4 years) MA, C-IAYT, ERYT-500, YACEP, TCTSY-F
Neil Pearson - (PT) MSC, BA, C-IAYT
Bernie Clark - Yin Yoga
Tienne Allen - Restorative Yoga
Danielle Schroeder - MA, CCC
Todd Caldecott - Ayurveda - Dosha Assessment by Constitution
Jasri Lambert - Ayurvedic Consultation, Assessment and basic prescription
Certified Pre-Post Natal Consultant - Family Passages to Wellness October 2012
Therapeutic Yoga for Trauma Resilience and Well Being - Langara CollegeAugust 2016
Mindful Meditation Children and Teens - Christopher Willard, Psy.D. June 2017
Pelvic Floor Rehab & Pfilates - January 2012
Certified Bellie’s Inc. Instructor - January 2014 Kim Vopni Master Trainer

Brenna is continuing studies Including:
I-Rest (Integrative Restorative) Yoga Nidra - Richard Miller, Molly Birkholm
Yoga Nidra/Para - Yoga Nidra - Rod Stryker, Rolf Sovik
Somatic Therapy - Thomas Hanna PhD, Martha Peterson (Certified Somatic Educator)
Pain Management - Neil Pearson (PT) MSC, BA, C-IAYT
Nervous System/Vagus Nerve - Dr. Ginger Garner (PT)
Restorative Yoga - Judith Hanson Lasater D. PSY, PT

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