Integrative Yoga Therapy for Wellness


No Previous Experience Necessary

A state of good health is our birth right. I believe that having the right tools, dedication, practice and willingness to grow are the pre-requisites required to achieve that goal.

As our bodies are complex systems, so too the healing modalities required to achieve the goal of health are varied.

Through re-learning how to breathe, relax, eat naturally, move our bodies somatically they way they were intended, we can achieve heights of contentment we didn’t think possible. Learning how to listen to our bodies when they speak to us, and respond accordingly, by taking the time to be with self we learn how to enhance our relationship not only with our self, but with others, by living with a natural healthy diet, we maintain our physical systems at the best they can be depending on individual circumstances, and by taking time to be still, are able to keep moving, and complete the circle with a personally designed practice of therapeutic yoga.

My Heart Felt Mission has grown into one of walking the path of healing with those who are seeking relief and release from pain, anxiety, sadness, physical challenges and perhaps still seeking their own Heart Felt Mission.

Through the blending of the beautiful practices of Restorative Postures not about moving, but how long can you stay still. Through the deeply relaxing practice of I-Rest and Para Yoga Nidra we learn to step back, observe and be non-reactive.

Through the gentle but power practice of Yoga Therapy, we can restore our bodies to an increased level of health.

Through the vast array of breath practices to provide renewed energy, healing response, relaxation response and energy.

Integration of pelvic rehabilitation to provide true core strength to restore not only systems in the body, but strong and beautiful posture through our spine, our true core. Through the practice of pre-natal yoga for women who are child bearing to keep themselves and babes healthy and happy and able to heal successfully and more quickly.


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